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Asahikasei Functional Spandex

This is a wrapping yarn that wraps nylon and polyester fibers into functional ROICA®. There are CF (deodorization) type, BZ (hygroscopic and hygroscopic) type, BX (shape fixed) type, SF (combination) type and so on.
After the breakage is not easy to diffuse ROICA SF, inhibit glare luster, can be dyed ROICA DS, etc., ROICA functional fiber is also active in the legs can be seen to wear beautiful socks field.
It is used for shaping underwear and underwear that requires close but no bundle. The main products are stretch and soothing sports performance excellent ROICA HS and eliminate sweat and other deodorant excellent ROICA CF, etc., a variety of functional fibers to meet the needs of underwear.
ROICA Functional fiber, including Japan, including Asia, Europe and other parts of the world production and sales base. Its high-end product quality has been Asia and Europe and the United States a number of brand recognition.

  • HS

    银河在线app With a soft and comfortable close feeling for the ROICA HS
    The product's personal fitness has been further improved, wearing more comfortable, mainly underwear and stockings are widely used.

  • SF

    The ROICA SF, which is difficult to separate with the yarn and has a thermal bonding property by the heat of the processing, is not affected by the stretchability after bonding, thereby suppressing the hooking or off-line of the fabric, and more for pantyhose and underwear.

  • DS

    Spandex fiber ROICA DS can be dyed with acid dyes and metal complex dyes.
    Reduce the product in the Spandex yarn reflective, whitening phenomenon, dark expression is improved, mostly used in tight pants, seamless underwear, lace, bra and so on.

  • CF

    Can inhibit the smell of smell and other ROICA CF
    Recommended for pantyhose or socks and other leg supplies, and personal underwear and other products.

  • BZ

    Reduce the hot feeling ROICA BZ
    Recommended for stockings, T-shirt and other personal products.

  • BX

    Suppression of fabric wrinkling curl, keep the plasticity of the fabric ROICA BX. Can reduce the ironing when the temperature. Used in the production of clothes, pantyhose, seamless underwear, woven fabrics, socks, materials and other fields of various products.

  • SP

    ROICA SP with good chlorine resistance
    Suitable for swimwear and other related products used in the swimming pool, and denim-based products

  • HP

    Suitable for intertwining with polyester.

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Room 717, Building 10, 13th Xiancha Road, Chancheng District, Foshan, China

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