420D & above

Product Category: Asahikasei Common Spandex
Product name: 420D & above

ROICA ™ is the finest Spandex fiber

银河在线app www.bahanbakupin.com Is able to effectively meet customer needs, with Functional high-grade Spandex fiber.

Spandex fiber (polyurethane fiber) with flexibility and restorability ROICA is a stretch fiber based on polymer science and technology owned by Asahikasei.

We rely on a solid technology and high quality based on the Functional products to meet the various requirements of users.

Display method

According to the Japanese quality representation, polyurethane fibers. In the clothing and other ingredients that, it is called Spandex. In the United States known as spandex, in Europe and other places are called elastan fiber.

Unlike rubber

Spandex fiber has several times the tensile strength of rubber, rubber than the more flexible.

And has a specific gravity than the rubber lighter. Can produce rubber raw materials difficult to process out, from fine to coarse all kinds of fineness of the fiber.

ROICA has a variety of sizes from 8dt to 1680dt.

We would like to contact our customers for the list of original yarn brands.

Manufacturing method

The world generally use dry spinning method, ROICA also uses the dry spinning method, in Japan and Europe and other production bases around the world for production.

Compatibility with other fibers

Spandex fibers can be combined with synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester, as well as natural fibers such as wool and cotton.

ROICA function yarn which can improve the same color with nylon and so on, so that dark color is more ideal

ROICA DS, as well as by improving the heat resistance, and polyester dyeing processing can still maintain its function ROICA HP, and other functional yarn two brand products.

The use of various purposes

It is mainly used in garments such as garments, underwear, sportswear / swimwear, stockings and so on. There are medical equipment such as car seat cover and shoes, bandages and other medical supplies, as well as hygiene products such as diaper and so on. The